We understand that by reducing the impact of our activities it will help towards us building a more sustainable business, using natural resources more wisely and playing our part in supporting the environment.

Jarrolds has been in business for over 250 years and seen many challenges over that time. We are very conscious of the need to play our part in supporting the global effort to combat climate change and other environmental challenges facing our society, the impacts of which will be felt by all of us. By nations, institutions and individuals reviewing their use of precious natural resources, there is the greatest chance that communities and businesses such as ours can continue to thrive for many generations and centuries to come.

In operating our Business, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. This means constantly seeking opportunities to use resources more efficiently, including how we operate our buildings, work with suppliers and partners to reduce problematic sourcing and packaging, and reducing carbon consumption.

This includes:

  • Reducing our underlying energy consumption by 20% since 2015
  • Switching to 100% green generated energy for our electricity usage
  • Programmes to minimise waste and increase recycling
  • Introducing carbon neutral local deliveries
  • Sourcing locally where we can, reducing carbon emissions
  • Encouraging the use of plant-based milks, loose leaf tea and paper straws
  • Through communication and education, encourage our colleagues to support our policy

Saving Energy

For many years we have been striving to reduce our energy consumption. This includes installing energy efficient LED lighting when we refurbishment departments and our buildings, this has contributed to reductions in energy consumption. We are also seeking ways to reduce consumption through improved technology, control systems and colleague communication, education, and training.

Since 2015 we have been able to reduce our underlying energy consumption by 20%. We will continue to strive for further reductions in the future and as equipment and plant is replaced we will use technology and best practice to target more sustainable solutions.

In 2019 we switched to 100% green energy for our electricity usage.

Buying Better

We are very proud to work with a carefully selected range of suppliers and partners across our business that have similar values to us. Our team of buyers work closely with these retail partners to encourage more sustainable and environmentally positive operations. This includes reviewing the ranges and services to understand what initiatives and actions they are taking to be more sustainable. This may include for example using environmentally friendly fabrics, sustainably sourced wood and other natural materials, reducing energy and water usage and waste in manufacturing processes, and reducing problematic packaging.

We are proud to highlight these products which clearly champion sustainability using our ‘Buying Better’ signage across our business and we encourage customers to think about their purchases carefully, promoting ‘slow’ rather than ‘fast’ fashion for example where pieces are seen as longer term investments rather than throw away garments.

We use local suppliers and service providers wherever possible not only to support our local economy but to reduce carbon emissions associated with delivery and transportation. This is exemplified through our Jarrolds Storefolk initiative which highlights and promotes distinctive products from smaller local, artisan businesses.

We have always taken animal welfare seriously and have never sold furs or exotic skins for example.  Our commercial processes are regularly reviewed, including managing our stock and resources carefully so that less goes to waste.

Tackling Waste We are striving to reduce the amount of waste that we generate. And whilst we realise that the total elimination of waste will be challenging we are improving the way that it is dealt with. Targeting improvements for recycling and upcycling. Also working with professional waste experts to upcycle and recycle or use our waste for residual derived fuel.
No Carbon Deliveries For suitable local deliveries and between the sites on which we operate in Norwich, we have switched  to using Zedify, a cycle courier.
Food & Drink In our Deli Foodhall we stock a wide and expanding variety of locally produced and grown produce and product from local suppliers. Chosen with care these ranges support small local independent producers as well as reducing food miles and putting money back into the local economy.

Thoughtful Packaging and Paper

In Spring 2021 we stopped using plastic carrier bags and encouraged customers to use their own bags. The paper bags we do offer come from sustainable sources.

The packaging for our online orders uses sustainable sources materials and we reuse as much of the packaging which comes through the business as possible. We used gummed paper tape to seal packages reducing the use of products containing plastic wherever we can.

We look for paper products using recycled materials. Across our business we use toilet paper made from recycled coffee cups, and only use printer/copier paper made from 100% recycled paper.

* The appropriate material will be used depending on the item/s being packed

Type of Packaging What is it made from? Can it be recycled?
Boxes Min. 70% recycled material Yes, widely recycled with cardboard and paper, as well as 100% compostable
Kraft Paper mailbags Sustainably certified paper 100% recyclable
Unbranded tissue paper Recycled paper Biodegradable & compostable
Clothing bags LDPE polythene & PP polypropylene Recycle where plastic carrier bags are accepted
Bubble wrap 100% plastic Not currently - we encourage this to be reused
Paper bubble wrap Sustainable certified paper 100% recyclable
Branded tissue 17g MF tissue: Acid-free & non toxic 100% recyclable
Tape Natural paper & starch 100% recyclable
Void fill: Brown paper 35% recycled material 100% recyclable
Void fill: Chips GM free raw materials, made in a low energy process 100% biodegradable & compostable (EN 13432)
Void fill: Other Mixed materials - reused from the packaging from deliveries Varies
Invoice paper Made from PEFC certified paper with silicone patch for address label Paper part 100% recyclable. Silicone part not currently recyclable