Hippychick Ride-On’s






Hippychick Vilac Large Pedal Car 

This vintage-inspired metal pedal car is the perfect warm-weather holiday toy for endless imagination and outdoor fun. With its retro flair and gorgeous styling evoking summers past, children can cruise the garden or driveway in their own stylish ride.

Learning to drive and steer this durable wood and metal pedal car builds great motor skills while being an encouraging outlet for creativity and solo play. This classic pedal car truly helps develop children’s minds and bodies while providing hours of sunny, nostalgic fun. It’s more than just a toy, it’s the ideal way to strengthen skills and create lasting summer memories. 

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Hippychick Trybike Steel Balance Trike

The Trybike is the ideal holiday gift to create lasting summer memories as your child masters biking. This convertible balance bike evolves with your child from a stable, confidence-building trike to a two-wheeled bike ready for neighbourhood adventures. Handcrafted in the Netherlands using durable steel with stunning details, this heirloom-quality Trybike is customized to grow with your toddler.

The adjustable design ensures the perfect fit for wobbling beginners to pedalling pros gliding down sunlit pavements. With both trike and bike options, the Trybike enables self-paced cycling skills on warm-weather days. Give the gift of riding confidence this holiday with the Hippychick Trybike built to transition toddlers into experienced, pedal-powered riders, ensuring an unforgettable summer. 

Buy Hippychick Trybike Steel Balance Trike Blue £130

Nerf Blasters






Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz With 10 Darts Blaster 

Dominate sunny Nerf battles with the versatile Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz blaster. The pump-action airblitz firing system unleashes a swarm of 6 darts in an instant, perfect for summer dart wars. Or load the motorized clip with up to 10 darts and rev up for its hyperdrive trigger-pull blasting. With two motorized and air-powered firing options, take out targets with an endless dart downpour.

The Motoblitz brings flexibility and tactical advantage for nonstop warm-weather fun. Includes 10 Nerf darts to start battling as soon as the holiday gift is unwrapped. With high-powered, versatile blasting, this blaster takes Nerf battles to the next level of summer action and dominant this season! 

Buy Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz With 10 Darts Blaster £50






Nerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32 Blaster 

The upgraded 2.0 Nerf blaster that brings a tactical surprise to sunny holiday Nerf battles. Its rotating 16-barrel design unleashes relentless firepower for warm-weather garden dart wars. Flip into battle-ready position in an instant with this compact yet powerful blaster.

Featuring a unique firing design of single or double shots from a half or full trigger pull, with lever-action priming and 32-dart capacity providing endless ammunition, so the summer fun never stops. It keeps darts flying even when it seems you're out of ammo! The Flip-32 blaster is ready for neighbourhood Nerf wars or poolside fun. So, Give the gift of tactical advantage this holiday with the Flipshots blaster and its arsenal of surprise. 

Buy Nerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32 Blaster £60

Garden Games


Tooky Toys’ Wooden Ring Toss & Wooden Croquet Set 

Create lasting summer memories with Tooky Toys’ classic wooden games. The vibrantly coloured Wooden Ring Toss brings engaging hand-eye coordination challenges for family fun in the backyard or at barbecues. Or enjoy friendly croquet matches with the wooden set, complete with solid wood mallets and sturdy wickets for the lawn or park.

Designed for portability, the croquet set stores neatly in an included carry bag, ready for warm-weather action. Both games feature eco-friendly durable wood construction built to last for generations and provide easy setup for casual holiday fun. With engaging play for all ages, these timeless wooden games from Tooky Toys make ideal holiday gifts for an entire season of outdoor family entertainment under the sunny skies. 

 Buy Wooden Ring Toss £23 | Buy Wooden Croquet Set £22






Wahu Phlat Ball 

The Wahu Phlat Ball is the ultimate shape-shifting summer toy for outdoor holiday fun. This clever ball starts as a 9-inch flying disc, then magically transforms into a 6-inch ball mid-flight, adding surprise to sunny-day play. With its dual identities, the Phlat Ball opens up endless warm-weather possibilities, from disc golf in the backyard to playing catch at the park.

Its unique midair shifting enables a wide range of activities to enjoy with friends all summer long. The Wahu Phlat Ball provides hours of engaging, active entertainment with innovative transforming play. This clever new outdoor toy will create memories of sunshine and imagination during the most fun holidays under the sun. 

Buy Wahu Phlat Ball £14

With options from trikes to transforming balls, Jarrold's must-have holiday toys deliver endless outdoor entertainment. Give the gift of skills-building and nostalgia with ride-on toys found at Jarrold, or opt for group games that provide a new twist on classics - all available in Jarrold's 2023 holiday toy collection. However, you choose to play, these holiday picks from Jarrold ensure a summer filled with imagination, adventure, and sunshine-soaked fun. Our guide takes the guesswork out of summer toy buying so you can spend more time making memories. This year, go to Jarrold for gifts that inspire your kids to embrace the outdoors and make every sun-filled day an opportunity for joy. 

Prices correct as of 28 July 2023