Discover cosy home comforts from Piglet in Bed including sumptuous bedding, indulgent cotton bathroom essentials and dream-worthy pyjamas.

All in beautiful nature-inspired colours which both brighten and sooth any space. Lake-blue, forest-green, warm clay and honey in plain, striped and gingham to name just a few of the colours in the range you can choose from.

All of which work together in wonderful tonal harmony with the opportunity to layer, match and combine, allowing you to dress your bed in shades to suit your style and your space.

Piglet in Bed specialises in linen, the perfect material for those warmer summer nights as it is temperature-regulating and breathable. It is also good for the planet with every part of the flax plant being used in the production of linen, meaning zero wastage.

When you buy linen bedding, you are investing in a good night’s sleep for years to come, as the material gets softer and more supple with every wash and can last for years especially when compared with other cotton alternatives.

Comfort is key as linen can also help retain your skins natural pH balance; ensuring you get your beauty sleep.

Their linen pyjamas, for both men and women, will help you stay cool and fresh as well as adding a touch of luxury to your loungewear style.

Whether you are enjoying some self-care, want something a little special while working-from-home or treating the extra-special people in your life, their cosy and cool nightwear can be mixed and matched for your perfect fit.

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