Interior Design Trends for 2024

The new year brings an opportunity to refresh and renew our living spaces, but knowing what trends to invest in can prove overwhelming. We’ve asked our instore experts from Home on 2 and our contemporary store The Granary Home what trends they’ll be looking out for in 2024, to help you find the key pieces for your home…

Social Seating

Make the sofa the centre of your home with curved, less formal designs that encourage the art of in-person conversation. Sit, lounge and stretch out, with these large sofas that allow for maximised relaxation as well as socialising. 

Earthy Hues

Creating a calm, warming feel, nature inspired earthy hues such as terracotta, ochre or tan are set to take the spotlight in 2024.

Statement Pieces 

A sofa or a work of art? Go bold in 2024 and embrace conversation starting pieces which redefine the concept of functional art within the home. 

Natural Materials

The move away from fast homeware continues to grow in 2024, with natural, sustainable materials continuing to be top of our list when furniture hunting.

Curvaceous Centrepieces

Creating a focal point, when used correctly, curves can give the illusion of added depth within the home. From rounded tables and cabinets, to mirrors and even curved walls, this trend is set to be big in 2024.