When seeking a chair to relax in, you look to the recliner - a seat that whisks you away in luxury and comfort. Finding the right recliner can be a struggle to meet your specific wishes. At Jarrolds, we understand everyone has unique tastes for feeling comfortable and relaxed. That's why we always have Stressless recliners in stock. We believe they perfectly outfit any home needing an escape from the pressures of daily life, where one can truly take a deep breath and unwind in luxurious comfort.

Now, you may ask yourself, what makes Stressless chairs the right choice for you? With our wide range of furniture brands, why do we at Jarrolds place such faith in Stressless? Well, they have over 50 years of recliner experience and craftsmanship you can trust to stand the test of time. Their sense of style produces an aesthetic that's pleasing to the eye and beckons you to their furniture's comforting embrace. We believe the secret behind Stressless' ability to rise above the rest lies in their unique comfort innovations.

The Secret of Stressless

Every Stressless piece contains patented technology guaranteed to conform to your unique sitting position - a level of attention beyond what most furniture brands can achieve. Below we briefly describe Stressless' key comfort features that ensure premium relaxation in all their chairs.

Plus System for Recliners and Sofas

The innovative Plus System is designed to provide unmatched comfort and support whether you are sitting up or lying down. With a simple hand movement, you can control the sleep function as the chair automatically adjusts to cradle your body. The Plus System includes a functional skeleton of springs that responds to your movements, giving increased lumbar support as you recline. The unique headrest lifts to perfectly support your neck and head in an optimal relaxation position. When you want to nap, the headrest easily adjusts to a flat position. From the plush cushions to the smooth reclining action, Stressless has perfected the art of relaxation with their Plus System.

Power Recliner with a Heating and Massage Option

For the ultimate in adjustable comfort, Stressless offers motorized power recliners with integrated heating and massage functions. With just a light touch on the armrest or push of a button on the remote control, you can adjust both the backrest angle and extend the footrest to find your perfect position. The power adjustments make small tweaks effortless to provide superb support in any reclined pose. Take relaxation to the next level by turning on the built-in heating pads to warm your lower back while the massage nodes gently knead away tension. When you want customized comfort with just a fingertip, the Stressless power recliner with heating and massage is the ultimate way to melt away stress.

BalanceAdapt Recliner and Sofa

This balance mechanism provides a gentle rocking motion, enhancing relaxation as your body finds its natural equilibrium point.

Glide System

Providing unrestricted movement and perfect balance, effortlessly adjusting with a simple glide wheel on the side ensures gentle gliding motion in harmony with your body's natural movements.

Manual recliners

To ensure optimal comfort, Stressless manual recliners come in small, medium and large sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Power Sofa (Emily)

The Stressless Emily power sofa adjusts both the back angle and footrest with a light touch, providing superb comfort and support in any lounging position.


Stressless sofas feature Comfort Zone cushioning, which angles the seat to provide optimal leg support by allowing the back of the cushion to compress more than the front when seated, providing perfect leg comfort.

All Stressless chairs at Jarrolds have one or more patented features. We want everyone who shops with us to find their perfect fit. If you're browsing online and want to try Stressless relaxation firsthand, visit us in store. In the meantime, explore our full Stressless selection online and see if anything piques your interest.