Origins of The Cheese Room

When Jarrolds’ Food Hall buyer Judith Finney came across a cheese room during her travels, she knew that Jarrolds’ Food Hall visitors would love the concept. Having worked in the food department for 20 years, she has overseen its evolution from a small corner of the premises to a large Food Hall that has become a true gourmet destination.  

Plans were soon underway for Jarrolds’ own Cheese Room, which opened in September 2022. The carefully designed space is set to a specific temperature to ensure the preservation of the wide range of cheeses held inside. The rustic feel of the room, with its flagstone floors and stripped-back wooden shelving, has been given an added touch of charm with farmyard designs hand-drawn directly onto the tiles. 

Instore Experience

Entering the Cheese Room is an exclusive foodie experience, with goats’, sheep’s, and cows’ cheeses from around the world – plus vegan options. Visitors can have their cheese cut, weighed, and wrapped within the room, or at the Food Hall's Deli counter.  

Hosting a supper and not sure which cheeses to pick? The Food Hall team will be happy to talk you through the options and help you assemble the ultimate cheese board to delight your guests.

Best of Norfolk and Nearby

Learn more about some of the wonderful local cheeses on offer in the Cheese Room and at the Food Hall's Deli counter in Jarrolds.

Baron Bigod (Fen Farm Dairy) This Brie-de-Meaux-style artisan cheese is widely renowned and award-winning (it’s also Judith’s personal favourite). It’s carefully made by hand in small batches, with fresh cows’ milk being transported just a few metres to the cheesemaking building on the farm. Aged for up to eight weeks, it has a mushroomy flavour and silky, oozing texture.
Norfolk Dapple (Ferndale Farm) This clothbound, hard cows’ milk cheese is named for the varied colour of its rind, reminiscent of a barn owl’s feathers. It’s produced on the family-run Ferndale Farm in North Norfolk, which also grows five varieties of potato.
Norfolk Mardler (Fielding Cottage) This waxed, mature goats’ cheese takes its name from the Norfolk word meaning ‘to chat or gossip’. It has a rich, creamy flavour and melts very well. It’s made on the farm at Fielding Cottage, which also offers a farm shop, holiday cottages and cheese-making courses on site.
St Helena (St Jude Cheese) This semi-soft cheese is named after the town in Australia where cheesemaker Blake Bowden’s family lived for many years. Made with raw milk from the Montbéliarde cows at Fen Farm Dairy, it has a fudgy consistency, warm flavour, and thin, edible rind.
Binham Blue (Mrs Temple’s) This award-winning, creamy blue cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese board. It’s made with milk from the Swiss Brown dairy herd at Copy’s Green Farm, which runs on renewable energy using innovative biomass technology.