How is Jellycat made?

Jellycat was originally born in London 1999, and have been producing these miraculous soft toys since, with a focus on improving their designs by creating unique cuddly friends for everyone. These are made of high quality fabrics, which are then cut into shape and sewn together in detail.

The stuffing inside all Jellycat is mainly polyester for a cuddly and squishy feel. All Jellycat toys are then put through rigorously testing to international safety standards, so they can be shipped to all shops and homes around the world. 

What age is Jellycat suitable from?

Because Jellycat is made of safe high quality materials, as well as being put through thorough testing, it makes these cuddly soft toys suitable for all ages, including for newborns.

Unless the toy carries a safety recommendation or specific message, these are extremely safe for everyone. The soft fabrics are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin, and they’re also easy and safe to hold and cuddle.

How to keep your Jellycat soft?

There are many ways to maintain your Jellycat soft and cuddly! We recommend you handwash it gently with cold water and a mild detergent that is suitable for soft fabrics.

It’s important to allow it to air dry instead of using a dryer as it could potentially damage the fabrics. With some basic care, your Jellycat can easily maintain its signature softness for years to come.

Is Jellycat an ethical company? 

Jellycat soft toys are handmade in their own factories and certified free from harmful chemicals. The stuffing materials used to build our huggable friends are recyclable, and the company also seems to have several partnerships with charity companies that are mostly focused on children’s welfare.

Jellycat also provides several statements on their website about “modern slavery & human trafficking”, providing that way enough assurance to customers that they’re taking the right steps to ensure a safe and responsible production, as well as environmental awareness. 

Can toddlers sleep with Jellycat?

It’s safe to say that Jellycat are harmless toys for toddlers to sleep with. Of course there are a few safety precautions to bare in mind such as making sure the toy doesn’t obstruct the toddler’s face, or that the toy is kept clean at all times. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to supervise your toddler to prevent from any risks.

As long as you keep these practice measures present, Jellycat toys can provide your toddler with comfort, as well as security for them to transition into sleeping independently.