More About  Bois 1920

We are in the 20' and Jazz music gets popular in the States. It is the beginning of sound cinemas and TV, and, on the Florentine hills, this is the time when the forefather of Galardi family, Guido, gives shape to his inspiration in the art of perfumery. The smell of just-picked lavender flowers (Spigo) fostered his dream to create, in Florence, something unmistakable, a workshop for inimitable fragrances: The Workshop for Italian Lavender (Bottega Italiana Spigo). This dream comes fully true with Enzo, Guido's nephew. Thanks to his experience and the strong passion inherited, he does not only create exclusive fragrances for renown luxury brands, but also unique personal lines. As a Maître profumeur, along the years Enzo turns the small family workshop into a dynamic company: BOIS 1920 is born.