About Buck & Bear

Buck and Bear Design is a small business in East Anglia, specialising in gold leaf gilding on glass and typographic artwork and prints.

I create hand painted bespoke signs, each sign is made on the back of glass and uses 23ct gold leaf. This process is known as reverse glass gilding, or verre eglomise, and is an endangered craft, it is a traditional way of creating art and signage.

I love making signs for clients to give as gifts to their loved ones, each is personalised and created completely by hand. They make a perfect piece of colourful art for the home, and a memorable gift for special occasions.

I also create colourful posters and prints with popular quotes and music lyrics. Buck & Bear has recently featured on BBC1 Interior Design Masters, Channel 5 Dream Home Makeovers and Channel 4 George Clark's Old House New Home.