About Claire Oxley

Claire lives in Norwich, having studied at the Norwich School of Art, and the Universities of Lancaster and Oxford. She regularly exhibits in Norfolk and Suffolk, London, and across the UK. Her work hangs in private collections across Europe, in Malaysia and Singapore, Delaware and The Hamptons in the US, and in other global locations.

About The Art

A synaesthete (which, in Claire’s case, means that colour and sound are ‘felt’ interchangeably) she uses environment, music and seasonal rhythms as a starting point for many pieces.

Following a vibrant tradition of Modernist painters such as Mattise, Van Gogh, Klee, Gilman (a distant relative), Diebenkorn, Nash and Ravillious, shifting hues and patterns are at the heart of her works. Soundscapes, landscapes and mindscapes are instruments for expressing composition, emotion, and understanding.

Her work is centred on East Anglia - its skies, sounds, fields, coastline and seasonal cycles are a constant inspiration. She is, above everything, a composer of colour.

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