At Crystal Earth we believe that as custodians of the planet, we must do all we can to take good care of it, while also nurturing our own wellbeing. With this ethos firmly in mind, we have developed a range of hair products that are 93% natural without compromising the performance expected by industry professionals + luxury salons; we’ve done this by fusing the best natural ingredients with the cleanest synthetics in a perfect fusion of beauty + function.


According to astrological lore, gemstones are intermediaries between the macrocosm + the microcosm that resides within each of us. While modern medicine is just now discovering the link between our emotions + our health, gemstones have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties in moving + enhancing Chakra Energy.

Crystals are said to be important information carriers: the vibrations they send are believed to have a healing effect on the body. Crystals also contain minerals such as iron, magnesium + calcium, which help to enhance their own activity. In addition to the beneficial health effects of the natural mineral properties, we have infused our products with essences of crystals to further assist with your wellbeing.

Did you know that hair is a sensitive touch receptor? At the base of the hair follicle, sensory nerve fibres wrap around each hair bulb; we therefore recommend that you massage our products into the scalp + through the hair for a minimum of three minutes to stimulate the hair follicles. Taking time for self care such as this is profoundly necessary for our wellbeing – there’s a welcome + growing realisation of this fundamental truth now. By using our products, we hope to assist you in your ongoing endeavours in bringing this ancient wisdom into a modern context.