About DOXI.

DOXI. was created by Amy and Steven, stemming from The Globe Trotter Bars, an East Anglia based mobile bar. It has been a working progress since 2020, having had our events canceled from the pandemic, we worked hard to figure out a plan on how to get our business to survive. We launched our pre-made bottled cocktails as a local delivery service, providing customers with a door to door service to fix their cocktail needs. Since then, the deliveries haven’t stopped! We now offer our bottled cocktails for UK delivery and are stocked in restaurants and shops.

While both businesses have grown, we wanted to keep the two separate. Which is why we introduced DOXI….

Our DOXI. ethos is all about keeping things simple, yet memorable. Our aim is to bring bar quality cocktails home, without all the fuss.
All of our syrups are homemade along with most of our liqueurs and juices with the goal to become as sustainable as possible whilst aiming for a zero waste policy with all of our cocktail creations.

Each cocktail is handmade, bottle by bottle. Ensuring that each bottle is up to scratch with the DOXI. ethos.

Ticking All The Boxes

Our passion comes from creating great tasting cocktails for our customers, whether that’s from our bars or our bottles, so we’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re ticking all the boxes…

  • Homemade | All our syrups are made from our own kitchen, along with most of our liqueurs and juices.
  • Zero Waste | We’ve worked hard to make sure that all our fresh fruits are being utilised as much as possible from the juices to peels.
  • Re-use | We’ve chosen bottles that don’t just look great for our cocktails but also to reuse after. Use our bottles for oils, lights or even candles.
  • Quality Control | Each cocktail is made by us, bottle by bottle, jigger by jigger. So we know that you’ll be getting the same serve every single time.
  • All Included | As well as a ready to go cocktail, all garnishes are included with every bottle! Along with an easy to follow cocktail card so you can make up the perfect serve every time.