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Eco-Pebble has a wide range of product varieties, we sell premium spices, eco-friendly kitchen accessories, and our renowned collection of compressed bamboo boards, which we are always developing. We supply over 20 countries to hotel suppliers, restaurants, main retailers, and direct to customers. Whether you look at our grade A saffron, or our silicone kitchen products, we have 3 main characteristics at the heart of all Eco-Pebble products:

Sustainability, Style, & Strength


All of our spices are sourced directly from the farmers, they are sustainably farmed and harvested through strict requirements, and our packaging is simple and reusable so that we do not create waste, and also so that our customers do not pay for unnecessary unsustainable packaging. All Eco-Pebble Boards are made from sustainably farmed bamboo. Bamboo is fully grown within 6 months whereas traditional woods used can take up to 40 years to grow. Bamboo regrows and regrows and regrows.


We constantly source and design products which suit our customers’ requirements and provide useful, attractive, and practical solutions. For example silicone is the perfect modern replacement of plastic for many kitchen accessories, it can be heated or cooled from (-40 to 220℃) and can last you for a lifetime. Bamboo is ultra-tough and as a result we are able to design slim food cutting boards which take up little space hanging or stored in a kitchen.


Bamboo is harder than normal wood, non-absorbent, and anti-bacterial. In comparison normal wood is soft which is why bamboo is the perfect material for really strong boards to prepare food or serve food on. Strength is also important for our sourcing of spices and herbs, we directly ship from farmers all over the world, and hand-picked harvest will go directly into packaging and then on to our distribution outlets. Grade A Spices have an aroma you will never forget and we are always excited for customers to try ours, if we are participating at a food festival near you please do come and visit us so we can talk you through all of our exciting products.

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