About Jessica Alice

Jessica Alice was founded by two sisters, Jessica Dix and Alice Bentley. With a 15 year age gap, together we hope to appeal to the wider market.

We both have special pieces of jewellery from our maternal grandmother and reminisce playing with her jewellery whenever visiting. This has inspired us to create key heirloom collections, based on our fond memories of such an incredible woman.

We have been fortunate enough to live under the big Norfolk skies all our lives, drawing ideas from our surroundings and appreciating the little quirks that make our county.

Each of our collections has its own unique story connecting to our background.

Our idea is to create timeless heirloom style pieces of jewellery that can be styled together or alone. By taking inspiration from our family, travels and the local area, we hope to design pieces that women of all ages can wear and treasure. By using a mixture of metals and stones, we hope to appeal to the budget of every woman. Plated jewellery will be available for the lower budget and solid metal for the heirloom style pieces.