Joseph Sandell's Story

It all started as a hobby, we made candles from our kitchen in the heart of Norfolk and gifted them to friends and family to try. After many attempts at creating a beautiful and long lasting candle and lots of honest, sometimes thought provoking feedback, we cracked it; Black Plum & Rhubarb (I make it sound like it was a quick process, in reality, we were testing our very first candle for about two years before even thinking about giving it out).

Once we finally had some positive and quite amazing feedback from our nearest and dearest, we finally branched out to our local community. I still remember that on the 21st of January 2018, with my confidence high but my hands still shaking at the vulnerability of receiving honest opinions of my products, I handed a candle to no.15.

I waited and waited for them to get back to me hoping for the best. And then, on the 15th of February, the door bell rang and somehow I knew that this was the moment. With a very straight look on her face, I thought no.15 was about to utter the words that no one wanted to hear "don't quit the day job". However, to my utter joy, my very first sale was made there and then, at my front door. It wasn't long till Black Plum & Rhubarb was in every house on our street.

With lots more testing, we expanded our range of candles and added scent pairing in reed diffusers and skincare.

When we started making our mark across Norfolk and Suffolk, we decided to build more than just a brand, thus our green projects began: we moved over to natural waxes; these blends help our candles to last longer and give out more scent.

We changed our reed diffuser base to eco friendly; this base is one of the very few reed bases that is made from renewable sources, we then looked further; planting over 200 trees last year and now plant a tree and help fund eco projects all across the globe with every purchase made and finally.

We have moved away from plastic packaging and ensured that all of the materials that we pack our products in, is made from recyclable or compostable materials. We pledge to do more and as we grow, we will make sure that Joseph Sandell is having a vast, positive impact on our environment.

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