Kalmar is designed to immerse you in nourishing self-connection. Charged with gemstones and driven by intention-setting, Kalmar’s unique self-care products allow you to instantly connect to the high frequency energies of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love.

Kalmar is founded on Joy, Calm, Peace and Love – soul states which we believe guide every element of our existence. Each scent intuitively came to Karen whilst she was mediating and have been recreated in partnership with world-renowned perfumer, Tom Kosmala, to truly capture our four emotional soulstates and deliver instant mood changing effects.

 Kalmar is all about taking care of your mind, heart, body and soul. It’s our passion to create self-care products and daily sacred rituals to ground you into the present moment, instantly uplift your mood, and boost your energy. We are all about self-empowerment and self-kindness. It’s about empowering you with tools to set positive intentions for yourself and connecting with yourself on a deeper level. We believe that small daily acts of self-love can lead to great changes in one’s life - which creates a ripple effect on humanity as a whole.

Each product is centered around positive uplifting emotions. Infused with precious gemstones and key botanical extracts chosen for their mood-enhancing properties, carefully combined to evoke a state of mind. Each formula is created with high- quality active ingredients that have long-term skin benefits. All of our wellness essentials have an accompanying mantra to help you reconnect with your soul through the power of daily rituals.

Our products are comprised of natural extracts and nature identical fragrance compounds to achieve exquisite notes enveloping the senses. Each individual ingredient was chosen by Karen for its purpose, potency and energy. Designed to shape our self-care rituals, each product performs threefold:

I.  Awaken your senses and connect to your soul. The most direct path to the soul is through the senses. From evocative scents and pleasing textures to colourful packaging designs, every element is chosen to guide you on a sensory journey to reconnect you with your soul.

II. Enhance your mood. Each precious gemstone and key botanical extract are chosen for their mood-enhancing properties, carefully combined to evoke a state of mind.

III. Nourish your skin. Finally, each contains high-quality active ingredients, with long-term benefits for physical wellbeing.

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