About Kulture Tonic

Life is about ‘Balance’ we see balance as a way for nature and natural science to work together in a modern world where our lifestyles should be enjoyed without compromising on our health.

To create this balance within our bodies, I have created a delicious range of Kombucha flavours that support gut health, using natural flavours and organic bacteria along with natural science my pro-biotic range of drinks not only taste delicious but balances gut health.

The Kombucha

A fermented tea, Kombucha is 100% organic, pro-biotic and revitalises your immune and digestive systems for a happier, healthier gut.

Millions of microbes, good and bad, live in our gut affecting our health.

This zesty, sweet tasting Kombucha is packed with friendly 'good' bacteria, yeasts, antioxidants, organic amino acids and vitamins to balance you gut health and improve digestion.

Antioxidants in Kombucha neutralise harmful free radicals, kill bad bacteria in the gut and help develop antibodies that strengthen your immune system.