A little about Millie’s Natural Soaps ...

I live in Hempnall with my family and I make natural soaps by hand in my kitchen, and avoid chemicals such as fragrance oils, perfumes or dyes. I have sensitive skin and so many of the ‘off the shelf products’ can irritate my skin and make it itchy so I was keen on finding natural soaps but these can be expensive. I then decided to research making my own soaps using only the best and most natural ingredients for me and also use what’s best for the environment.

I’ve always had a keen interest in essential oils and love these in soaps, so in February 2020, I started to research how to make pure soaps from scratch. It isn’t an easy process as temperature is key. So at first I tried ‘melt and pour soaps’ and I involved my children which they thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with. I was eager however on taking this a step further and learn more about making soaps from first principles, and understanding the INS which describes the physical qualities of soap, so I took a course between lockdowns over the summer. I learned a substantial amount about chemistry, oils, fats, the benefits of the pure essential oils; what makes one soap feel and work differently to another.

Once home, I experimented with many batches, finding the oils I wanted to work with. I gave as gifts to family and friends and the feedback was so positive that I decided to get my soap recipes cosmetically approved and make them available to others for purchase. Each soap recipe has been certified and approved by the Cosmetic Industry.

So here I am. I make a variety of different fragrance soaps with main base oils including shea butter and coconut oil which produces a lovely creamy lather. I then add essential oils and natural colours such as cocoa powder, dried spinach, herbs and French pink clay. As well as the essential oils, I produce a beautiful Aloe Vera and Honey soap. I handpick the Aloe plant and pulp this into a liquid and add a small amount of local honey.

There is no palm oil, only natural plant based ingredients, with eco packaging.

My soaps were proving successful as I was selling locally and attended small events. I also approached Yare Valley Oils in Surlingham who were willing to sell my soaps in their Farm Shop. They also approached me a little later on and asked me to make soaps for themselves, using their lovely rapeseed oil, combined with my other oils, so I now exclusively make and package their soaps.

This has been an incredible journey over these past two years and I hope you enjoy my soaps.

  • Made locally - small carbon footprint
  • Eco packaging
  • Vegan (except Honey)
  • Natural ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, pure essential oils and natural colourings
  • No palm oil
  • Harvest own Aloe Vera from plant
  • Local Honey
  • Produce soaps for Yare Valley Oils
  • Handmade in Owner's Kitchen