About Nestbedz

Nestbedz has been inspired following a decade of Zulu,the Hungarian Vizsla being unable to settle on a hard floor away from home. Just like a super lightweight sleeping bag, it packs into its own bag and can easily be carried in a bag. 

The bed is ideal for your dog when you are anywhere away from home.  Ideal for adventures, visiting friends, holidays, campervans/camping and just being in the pub/cafe.  We can now all enjoy a peaceful meal and catch up with friends without sacrificing your jacket! 

The bed is lightweight, packable and tough. Handmade in the UK and built to last. It is washable so can be thrown in the machine after a day out exploring on the muddiest of trials.

It’s a genuine game-changer for any dog who struggles to settle without a bed!

Cool in the summer (and can be filled with water/frozen) and warm in the winter.

Make sacrificing your jacket history....