About Selfie Craft Co.

Gemma Treby created her unique company, Selfie Craft Co whilst taking time out from her full time job to care for her two children. “The idea of colour in clothing came from my own boys, and their love for crafting. I wanted to extend the pride and sense of achievement they get from making things, and what better way is there than to allow them to wear what they have made!” says Gemma.

It all started with the launch of their super soft jersey tops, hand printed to order with a variety of designs, that can be personalised, to include unicorns, dinosaurs and superheroes. On the back of this success the range was extended with the launch of colour-in pyjamas, baseball hats, dress up capes and more. “We are constantly keeping a look out for new trends and themes. As we are a UK based company and design everything ourselves, we can be pretty responsive and regularly launch new designs,”

The Product

Each item comes with a set of permanent fabric pens that contain high quality UV ink, excellent for colour vibrancy, which encourage children to explore a variety of techniques. The pens are also professionally tested to ensure they do not wash out.

Permanent pens are the cornerstone of the product: children will put a lot of time and effort into their creation - even if they do go outside the lines and T Rex ends up being pink! - but it would be heartbreaking if their work was simply washed away.

Everything is beautifully packaged by hand from our studio in Newmarket, Suffolk. We make everything to order, ensuring each parcel is thoughtfully delivered with heaps of TLC.

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