A new family card game created in Norfolk

During the first Covid lockdown, Sheep Dip creator Steve Turton became very bored stuck in his Norfolk home, just outside Norwich and soon realised that thumb twiddling was not his forte. So, for some strange reason, he decided to create a card game…about sheep!

In developing the game, Steve recalled that one of the best bits he remembered about playing Monopoly was the excitement of turning over a Chance or Community Chest card and set out to create a game in which every turn would echo that thrill, but it would take no longer than 30 minutes to play. In much the same way, with Sheep Dip, players take it in turn to turn over a EWE DO action card and read it out. There are 45 cards and once the last card has been read out it’s game over and the player with the highest score wins.

The object of the game is to score the most points by collecting and holding on to as many sheep or FLOCK cards as possible.

Players can, swap and steal sheep in a race to win, making some noise along the way…BAAA! There’s one very special, high scoring Rainbow Sheep, but beware of Sneaky Rustlers and the Hungry Wolf. HOWOOOL!

The idea of making the game about sheep came because Steve had been to see The Sheep Show at an event in Norfolk. He found the show hilarious and engaging, so decided to create a game that involved collecting different breeds of sheep and to include some of the sheep he’d seen performing at the show.

With over 70 unique illustrations, including one very special rainbow sheep, no two games are ever the same, ensuring many hours of fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

Steve and Richard with their respective wives Julie and Helen are now business partners and their aim is to make Sheep Dip the most talked about and sought-after sheep game in the UK.

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