About Stand...

Create memories... across the street - or around the world and enjoy the positive glow of knowing you have made a difference.

Love for the Earth, inspires us to specialise in fabric reuse, zero waste design and exceptional local production.

Our One-of-a-kind pieces prove you can look and feel priceless, in clothing created from another’s ‘Waste!’ Opulent new fabric off cuts, paired with upcycled occasion wear.

Materials that would have been landfill. And no one will ever guess!

We support the Circular economy to keep finite resources going round and round by careful design, following the example of Nature.

So one of our Signature pieces, is the iconic white shirt, for men and women, created from the romance of a wedding dress - your own or one we source - to make just the unique statement you desire!

Our ‘Eco Couture’ is also individually designed and created. We customise beautifully tailored existing clothing, with rich embellishment, so you will treasure and enjoy styling it, many different ways over time.

You will also find an eclectic range of affordable Accessories here. ‘Grab and Go’ handbags, luxurious wraps and silk jewellery rolls.

Some designed exclusively for Jarrold.

And perhaps you would like to know…

Tamara, founder, idealist and designer at STAND says.

“A love of fashion threads subtly through everything I do. It is a universal language, that instils confidence and a sense of belonging.”

I have always enjoyed being involved in the community, working with marginalised people, here and in the Global South.

So my aspiration is to create a brand that will not only enrich the wearer, but make a wider ethical difference!

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be supported by Jarrold. I hope you enjoy browsing
all we have created for you".