Based in South Norfolk, the Dandy Lions Apothecary is a small artisan producer of beard care products.  What started as a desire to create the perfect moustache wax has grown into an obsession for facial hair care and our men’s range now includes moustache waxes, beard oils, beard balms, beard shampoo bars and regular soaps.

All of our products are handmade using only natural ingredients with essential oils for fragrance.  We’ve put a lot of work into selecting our ingredients to ensure that your beard will stay in tip-top condition. 

If you have a short beard or are thinking of growing one then our beard oils are perfect, the beard oils are a blend of oils that will condition your hair and be kind to your face.  Our beard balms have the same conditioning properties along with providing a small amount of hold making them ideal for longer beards.  Our moustache wax is stiffer, though still easy to apply, and will hold even the most dramatic of styles in place all day.

Our beard shampoo bars and soaps are made using the traditional cold-process method, they are made up in large blocks which are then hand cut, stamped and hand wrapped.