History of The Noor Company

Noor (meaning light) has grown in the five years from its creation and we have now over 16 fragrances with a large product range.

One of our founding commitments is to offer affordable luxury, and we are mindful of this from the conception of a new fragrance to our product packaging.

More About The Noor Company

The Noor Company is an independant boutique home fragrance company based in North Norfolk.

With this belief at our heart, we have created a range of bold, daring and exciting fragrances that will captivate and indulge the senses.

All our candles are hand poured in small batches using the finest quality soy and coconut wax and fragrance oils. Using natural soy and not paraffin is important to our health, meaning our candles are non-toxic ensuring a long lasting and clean burn.

Whether you are buying for yourself or someone special, The Noor Company will deliver on expectation and luxury.