Making Menopause Matter with Diane Danzebrink

Wednesday 5 June, 6.30pm

Discover the transformative power of embracing menopause with confidence at our exclusive event featuring Diane Danzebrink, author of "Making Menopause Matter." Explore practical insights, empowering strategies, and invaluable wisdom to navigate this significant life transition with grace and vitality.

Diane Danzebrink, the original driving force behind improving the menopause landscape for all, unveils the culmination of years of dedicated work and experience in her transformative book - Making Menopause Matter.

Exploring the crucial menopausal phases, including physical, cognitive, and psychological aspects, Danzebrink demystifies Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and provides guidance on seeking professional support. With a focus on menopause and work, relationships, and life beyond, this book explains exactly why it is that menopause is such a significant life phase, and why it should be recognised at public level.

This event is an opportunity to discover, learn and engage with the menopause to understand more about what the menopause may mean to you and your loved ones.

Single Ticket £15 includes entry to the event for one person, a drink on arrival and one copy of the book

Double Ticket £17.50 includes entry to the event for two people, drinks on arrival and one copy of the book