Refresh, Restore and Rejuvenate your Winter Skin

We all know that cold, wet weather can create dry, dull skin. Here are our recommendations for how to combat winter skin and which ingredients will get you out of a skincare slump.

Refresh: Boost and brighten dull skin

Begin your winter skincare routine with a rejuvenating cleanse. Instead of a foaming cleanser, choose a hydrating cleanser that gently removes impurities without stripping away your skin's natural moisture.

Here are our top picks for moisturising cleansers:

Rejuvenate: Revive Your Skin’s Radiance

Rejuvenate your skin by incorporating gentle exfoliation into your routine. Choose mild exfoliants with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) a few times a week. This practice helps in cell turnover, promoting a smoother skin texture without causing excessive dryness.

Here are our top picks for exfoliators:

Restore: Nourish and protect dry skin against the winter

Restore your skin's moisture and guard it against the harsh winter elements. Embrace a rich, nourishing moisturiser that acts as a protective shield, sealing in hydration and preventing moisture loss. Ceramides help us to form a strong natural barrier, increasing moisturisation and protecting us from environmental damages. Vitamin C helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation and brighten skin, banishing that winter dullness.

Here are our top picks for nourishing and brightening moisturisers:

SPFs and Lip Care

Whilst both can be easily forgotten when focusing on other skin care, SPFs and lip balm must not be overlooked, even on those days where the sun fails to peek through the clouds.

Here are our top picks for all-year-round SPFs and lip care: