The awards include categories such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography/Memoir, Poetry, History and Tradition and Children's Books, allowing a wide spectrum of literary genres to be honoured. The panel of judges, often comprising experts and figures from the publishing industry, carefully assess the submissions to determine the winners in each category.

These awards serve as a platform to showcase the literary achievements of the region, fostering a sense of community among local writers and readers. By spotlighting East Anglia's cultural contributions, the East Anglian Book Awards encourage the exploration of its history, landscapes, and traditions through the written word, enriching both the local literary scene and the broader world of literature.

Announcing the shortlist for the East Anglian Book Awards is a moment of literary anticipation and excitement. The shortlisted authors and their works are poised to receive recognition and celebrate their contributions to this cultural tapestry. Discover the short list across the categories below: 

Biography and Memoir  

•    Sit Still Timmy, Tim MacWilliam
•    36 Hours, Fiona Mason
•    An Angel Amongst Strange Bears: John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, Blickling Hall, Joy Beresford Frye

General Non-Fiction    

•    The Meaning of Geese, Nick Acheson
•    The Invention of Essex: The Making of an English County, Tim Burrows
•    The History of the World in 100 Plants, Simon Barnes


•    Foxash, Kate Worsley
•    The Others of Edenwell, Verity M Holloway
•    The Witching Tide, Margaret Meyer


•    The Human Portion, Nicola Warwick
•    Before the Dreadful Daylight Starts: An Anthology of Norfolk Poetry, Cameron Self and Kevin Gardner
•    Wild Life, James McDermott

Children's (Mal Peet Award)    

•    The Golden Mango Tree, Karen Li
•    Hairy Humbug Hog, Oliver Sheldrake
•    Monster in the Woods, Dave Shelton

History & Tradition 

•    Norwich Textiles: A Global Story 1750-1840, Michael Nix
•    The Road, Christopher Hadley
•    Exploring Norfolk's Deep History Coast, Dr John A. Davies and Dr David M.G. Waterhouse

Winners will be announced early 2024 so watch this space for more information.

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