Buy Once, Buy Well

What do the phrases ‘slow fashion’ or ‘buy once, buy well’ actually mean? We share what it means to shop more sustainably and make the most of your clothes

Fashion is exciting. An outfit you love makes you feel good in your own skin and helps you tell the world exactly who you are. But it can be daunting trying to build your wardrobe. What looks good? What’s on trend? What will last? Questions can start to fill your head and make you want to slam your wardrobe doors shut! Investing in some high-quality staples that won’t need replacing each season is the place to start, and the Jarrolds team can help. Hayley Philpot, Jarrolds fashion buyer, explains: “Buying once and buying well is a more sustainable way of shopping and, in the long term, it will save you money. You might spend a little more on each piece to get higher quality materials, but when you really consider what you need before buying, you reduce your overall spending, resulting in a smaller but harder working wardrobe made up of pieces you will love for years to come.”

Searching for staples

But what pieces should you choose to buy once and buy well? “Quality lasts,” explains Hayley. “If you invest in key basics, they will effortlessly take you from season to season.” Hayley believes there are a handful of basics everyone should have in their wardrobe: “A great pair of jeans or a pair of black, wide-leg trousers; some basic T-shirts; a good white shirt and a selection of basic knitwear. All of these can then be mixed, matched or layered with other items in your wardrobe to create lots of amazing looks.”

Buy Once, Buy Now

What do the phrases ‘slow fashion’ or ‘buy once, buy well’ actually mean? We share what it means to shop more sustainably and make the most of your clothes Buying once and buying well is a great way to build both your wardrobe and your confidence, as well as helping do your bit for the planet. Buying once

and buying well is also a fantastic way to support local, independent businesses, such as accessorising your outfits with the beautiful jewellery sold in the Store Folk marketplace in store at Jarrolds and online. While the clothes may cost a fraction more than typical high street brands, “if you invest in what you love, you will always get wear out of it. Trends can be really fun, but they’re not always right for everyone. It’s important to think about long-term wear and how the pieces you like will work with your wardrobe and lifestyle,” shares Hayley. As such, a good rule of thumb is to aim for 80% sustainable capsule wardrobe and 20% seasonal trends, which can also be purchased from sustainable brands.

Finding your look

If you’re not sure where to start on this new buy once, buy well journey, Jarrolds offers a styling service to help you find what’s best for you. As Hayley reveals: “It’s a great free service. Our stylists are happy to help with all sorts of styling requirements, whether you have an event to go to, a new job to dress for or you simply want to update your wardrobe. Katy and Florrie can take you through all our collections and help find the perfect pieces for you and your needs.”