It’s the sound as the invite drops to the doormat or the excited squeal of your best friend as they tell you all they just got engaged but there is a moment for all of us when we suddenly think ‘what am I going to wear?..’ with excitement and possible trepidation.

Now the idea of occasion dressing may not be your idea of heaven but don’t be put off by the word ‘dress’ in the title. Long gone are the days of knee length floral designs with matching bolero style jackets, it’s all about dressing to suit you as we all want to show up as ourselves (with a dash of elegance and style) on those big days. 

We want to be comfortable but this does not necessarily mean a baggy leisure fit (though who are we to judge?) or even fitting in with the crowd, comfort is what you make it and our Jarrolds stylists have pulled together some inspiration for all those events this season.

Jumping right in…

Jumpsuits offer a fabulous one-piece solution to dressing up, providing a polished look without the hassle of coordinating separate pieces. All the ease of a dress with the simplicity of stand-out style while offering comfort and ease of movement, allowing you to focus on enjoying the occasion rather than worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

With more variety on offer in terms of style and print, they have quickly become one of the hardest working items in our wardrobes, being versatile for layering and transitional dressing. Meaning that when you invest in jumpsuit, its not just a one-and-done but something you can wear time and again with different layers and accessories.

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Suits you

Wearing a suit can be empowering especially when well-fitted and is the perfect outfit solution for any occasion. Perfect for the great British weather, you can opt for a two or three piece which can be layered or removed dependent on the forecast. 

A suit can be a timeless investment that can last for years with proper care. Unlike trendy pieces that may quickly go out of style, a suit retains its relevance over time. Opt for a colour to suit you but which allows for versatility when paired with your other wardrobe staples.

Like to distinguish yourself from the crowd? Find one which speaks to your wild side by opting for a brighter shade or a standout print. Often associated with menswear, women's suiting allows for creativity and individuality through the cuts, pattern, and accessories, allowing you to make a statement while adhering to the dress code of the occasion.

Say Yes to the Dress

A dress is never a bad idea and continues to be a go-to choice for various events, from weddings to ladies day and all the other formal gatherings in between.

With the plethora of styles, lengths and silhouettes, dresses are not just versatile for the event but also for the wearer. With floor length flowy maxi dresses perfect for those who don’t want to wear heels and balloon sleeves should you feel the chill with the slightest breeze, occasion dresses have become about what you need rather than dress code. 

A dress also offers the wearer to adopt a ‘more minimal effort with maximum impact’ approach to events. Choosing one item which speaks to your personality and style can make the morning of a breeze. 

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