It’s that time of year when we start celebrating the great indoors; home comforts are at the forefront of our minds. You may be yearning for the spicy scent of cinnamon, the cosy feel of wool blankets and soft candlelight dancing around your room as we say swap the summer sun for darkening evenings. 

Spending more time snuggled up as the nights draw in allows us to reconsider our spaces; looking for touches of comfort as we think about our coming hibernation. Sooth your soul with seasonal updates and we’ve brought together some practical advice for this Autumn.  

Set the tone 

Mix deep and earthy tones to your current palette to create a warming environment. Blues and greens are often considered the most soothing, hence their use in spas and retreats, so be sure to introduce sagey or misty tones for that fall season changeover.  There’s no need to set about painting your walls, add accessories which compliment your current scheme or find the statement piece for that colour injection. 

Lessons on Layering 

We all know to layer our clothing as the seasons shift but it’s also good to add layers to your home. Find heavier colours and fabrics to dress your space and add additional cushions and throws to your soft furnishings. Blend the rough with the smooth to create visual texture – a linen sofa which looked great with cotton cushions during the summer would look fabulous with the contrast of velevt or faux fur in the autumn and winter months. 

Mood lighting 

Nothing sets the mood quite like choosing the right lighting. As the darker nights roll in, layer your lighting much like your textures. Think about your lighting placement; where is best to give interest? Do you want to draw focus to those otherwise overlooked areas? Is there a particular atmosphere you wish to create? The shape, size and style of your lighting can help answer these questions. Lighting offers an opportunity to add sculptural statements to your room so choose lampshades which meet the needs of the space and your style in colour and design. 

Home Comforts

There is nothing better than curling up indoors in Autumn so look to add some moments of seasonal charm into your décor to really that scene. Spice scents and a mug you’d be proud to wrap your hands around are sometimes all you need to create a haven of warmth and comfort.  A well-placed candle can add to the softer lighting scheme and woody, earthy smells will mean you truly bring the outside in.