Christmas is a time for sharing, and the effort invested in your hosting reflects a commitment to your loved ones and the creation of lasting memories. Whether through festive decor, thoughtfully prepared meals, or simply creating a comfortable space, the effort resonates, turning gatherings into heartwarming celebrations.

At Jarrolds we believe in doing things in style so we have compiled our top tips for hosting friends and family in style and comfort: 

1. It’s all in the planning 

Start early to ensure you have enough time to organise everything to make their stay as relaxed as possible. And we all know that the best plans start with a checklist so pull together all your thoughts of cleaning and organising into one place.

The best hosts think of the needs of their guests so consider any dietary restrictions or preferences your guests may have and plan their stay and your menu accordingly.

2. There’s something in the air 

We all decorate our home for the season with festive decorations including a tree and lights but these are often relegated to the communal spaces such as the living room but think of spreading that Christmas joy a little wider for your guests. Why not add a small tree or festive candles to their bedroom to keep the season alive throughout their stay? These little touches to their spaces will mean so much and will also help you get into the Christmas spirit. Remember don’t go overboard in the decorations, the trick is to balance their comfort and your style.

A great way to help enhance the Christmas spirit is to create a playlist full of classic and modern festive tunes to act as a soundtrack to the season. 

3. Comfort is Key

Some of the best stays we’ve ever had can be summed up by these words: ‘the bed was sooo comfortable.’ Making sure your guests are happy by providing cosy sleeping arrangements with fresh linens and comfortable pillows. Go the extra mile by also ensuring that extra blankets and home comforts are to hand should the need arise so think about things that would delight your guests. Anticipate their needs by pulling together travel-sized toiletries and bedside carafes and glasses to make sure their stay is luxury hotel quality.  

4. Variety is the spice of life

Food cheers even the meanest Scrooge so make sure you have a menu which caters for a range of different tastes and dietary restrictions. Charcuterie boards and tapas are two really easy ways to delight guests and provide an assorted array of foods. Cheese boards with chutneys and a cacophony of savoury snacks such as olives or artisan crisps will fill bellies and alight smiles. 

One frustration for both guests and hosts can be the constant request for drinks so why not make it easier for everyone by setting up a beverage station with a collection of drinks, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, as well as glasses and other drink related accessories. 

5. Let us entertain you

Nothing can dull a guests stay quite like boredom so make sure you have activities to keep them entertained. Board games can be a great way to spend time together on a December evening. From classics such as scrabble or new kids on the block like Pictionary Air, you will create fun memories and enjoy each other’s company. But remember don’t get too competitive, it’s the taking part that counts.

Other things you could do is organise an evening to watch Christmas movies with popcorn and sweets or maybe a small gift exchange. Remember to be flexible though to allow for spontaneity as these sometimes create the best experiences.

Stuck for ideas? Why not ask your guests about their favourite festive memories or traditions and re-create them during their stay.

With all these tips you’ll be the host with the most but the most important thing is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy the holiday season together so try not to spend too much time planning and organising, and enjoying seeing your loved ones this Christmas.