While Maria Carey belts out a much-loved tune about it, some of us may be dreading the inevitable text from loved ones asking about what we want for Christmas. Our focus, either rightly or wrongly, has been on giving and very little thought has gone on what we want to find under the tree. Meaning that come Christmas morning, the predictable pair of socks will be unwrapped and though we appreciate our feet looking jazzy and warm, it may not be something which we dream about. 

Well this year, have no fear, here are some things to consider when thinking about how to write your Christmas list and ensure the person gifting is just as happy as you are about your present.  

1.    Think of wants…

Consider things which you would not buy yourself, but you know would bring you joy. The thing which we saw out of the corner of our eye when we were last out shopping and which made us pause, full of reverence and happiness, to inspect. Those gloves with the super soft lining, that scent which has been playing on your mind or the beautiful cookbook full of recipes you are dying to try. Think of your wants not as just items but ways to elevate your style, your home and your life, bringing you a little bit of luxury and making you rejoice as you unwrap on Christmas morning.

2.    And needs…

As a child, Father Christmas was able to meet your never-ending and sometimes, highly imaginative gift requirements but as adults, it feels like we have to be a bit more practical. Sometimes there are things which hang around in our brains but never quite make it to the shopping basket; our travel coffee cup which seems to sprout a new leak every morning or our purse with a zip which doesn’t fully close. Christmas is a chance to replace outdated belongings which not only make our lives easier but also bring a smile to our faces when they are brought out throughout the year. 

3.    Consider a range of budgets

When we are making our wish lists, a good guide would be to think of about 10 items from a range of price brackets. It may all seem a little practical when we are considering our dreams and wishes but we all know that the best gifts can come in small packages. This might be a great opportunity to do a little research and select items which will last for years. Consider whimsical or luxurious gifts which aren’t always about the practical – that Jellycat hotdog which makes us chuckle or the box of Charbonnel et Walker for an indulgent evening. 

4.    Don’t forget about experiences

Sometimes, its not about the item but the person and no matter what they gift us, it doesn’t quite compare to time spent together. It seems our lives are getting busier and some of the  freedom we once had to spend time with our loved ones may be becoming a rarity so rather than a perfectly packed gift, why not make the booking and request the pleasure of their company for an afternoon over a cheeseboard and a glass of wine? Jarrolds have a range of wonderful restaurants to while away an afternoon and discover that shared memories and laughter can be the best gift. 

Or do you just crave a little time to yourself? Why not a spa voucher to your list? Enjoy a relaxing massage or a beauty treatment in The Retreat Beauty Rooms to start the new year right.  

5.    Provide ideas rather than items 

We don’t always feel comfortable writing out a full comprehensive list of everything we want from Father Christmas and the idea of giving links takes a little of the magic out of gift-giving so why not just offer some ideas or information to steer them in the right direction? Offer up assistance in the form of sizes and colours; taking the guesswork (and receipt) out of gifting and will mean the difference between a too-small lime green jumper and a dark cherry red number which fits perfectly. 

It doesn’t always have to be practical information, maybe share your hobbies or things you like to inspire their search. They may come back with something completely out of the box; discovered a new skincare routine? They could find you a new brand you never knew about! Or thinking of trying something new and feel underprepared? They could find you the gift which inspires you to take a stab at it. 

We hope this helps you to get everything you wish for this Christmas and as the famous song suggests, make sure you check that list twice before sending it on to Auntie Glenda as inspiration to steer her away from the usual suspects this Christmas.