1.    Be our Guest

After the post-Christmas hibernation where we have taken full advantage of cosy evenings, the time is coming for us to throw open the doors to the fresh air of spring and the guests who remind us of good times.

Whereas Christmas hosting is all about the festive decoration and cosy interiors, the theme for hosting for Easter is fresh. Think flowers in a tall glass vase, citrus scented candles, and pops of pastel across home furnishings. Embrace the season across your home by adding enjoyment-inducing rabbits in quirky accessories and small bowls filled with chocolates. Add the touches to the entrance to set the mood before they enter your home; a great space is the hallway tables where you can curate a small display to delight. 

2.    A Ray of Sunshine 

As the school holidays approaches, it is important to keep the kids active. Keeping them busy in a variety of ways such as outdoor exploration and crafting can provide endless opportunities for fun and learning, while also helping them to create fun memories and connect with the natural world just outside of their door. Trips to the beach, woods and in the countryside, especially with the new season awakening, will offer opportunities for discovery and entertainment.

Crafting Easter-themed decorations using natural materials not only stimulates creativity and imagination but also engages them in the world around them. Make the time for nature walks or scavenger hunts which allows children to appreciate the beauty of Spring while getting much-needed exercise and fresh air. 

You can also encourage outdoor games like egg races or setting up a picnic can get them having fun with family, friends and neighbours. 

3.    Feast your Eyes

Setting the table creates a sense of occasion for any meal; make the Sunday Roast this Easter weekend exceptional by creating a table which will make your family and guests remark at its styling. 

Go big on prints, layered with geometric stripes in candy pastels while mixing the colours of dinner plates, glassware, and cutlery to create a cacophony of colour and a maximalist approach to easter dining. It is not the season to be precious about matching table settings but demonstrate the eclectic and chaotic celebrations. 

When creating a centrepiece, opt for lining the table with smaller vases and bright tall candles rather than clusters to create a considered tablescape which encourages joyful exchanges. The real magic will be in the easter themed touches ich as individual egg cups on each setting or cheeky bunnies making an appearance across the tablecloth. 

4.    Make sure it is an egg-stravaganza

Ah, the annual egg-stravaganza approaches, where we engage in the noble pursuit of hunting down the perfect chocolate easter eggs! It is a delicate dance as we navigate the variety on offer, dodge the pitfalls of temptation and ensure any-and-all dietary requirements are met. 

With each egg we meticulously select, we seek the perfect balance of cocoa richness and artistic flair. It is a quest fraught with danger (mostly to our waistlines), but oh, the sweet victory of discovering that golden egg, perfect for the lactose averse or the quality connoisseur. 

So, let us embark on this gastronomic adventure with wit and whimsy, armed with our baskets and discerning palates, to find eggs for everyone and make sure the hunt is not too stressful…