How to begin to make more eco-friendly changes

From simple card holders, large trifold purses to phone bags, there are many types of smaller fashion accessories which play a big part in keeping our belonging organised and secure. Whether its for everyday use or just special occasions, discover our range of eco-friendly purses from an exciting range of brands.

Ideal for shopping, tote bags are extremely handy to have; with a large variety of sizes and prints available, you’re sure to find a design you’ll love. From large and sturdy jute bags to space-saving foldaway designs, tote bags come in a variety of materials, cotton being the most popular choice. From our handbag range here at Jarrolds, we have selected our favourite tote designs crafted with recycled cotton and other eco-conscious materials.

Choose timeless styles over statement pieces

A great sustainable way to shop is to choose timeless designs, pieces which you will wear time and time again and won’t go out of fashion.

British brand ROKA create a range of backpacks made from recycled canvas, the style is not only classic, but very practical for everyday use. Their collections are coated to ensure the product is water resistant, which protects the fabric and makes it ideal to use in all weathers.

Brands Fiorelli and Katie Loxton create non-leather handbags and accessories, their designs are minimal with classic shapes and staple colours. When choosing your next handbag, consider which occasions it will be used for and whether the size and colour will be suitable. Staple colours such as black, browns, blues and greens will never go out of style and are suitable for all seasons.

Which materials are more eco-friendly?

With brands looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment, using recycled fabrics and natural dyes have become a priority. Along with recycling fabrics, brands are also looking at alternative products to recycle such as plastic bottles.

Switching from leather to vegan leather is an easy way to change your buying habits. From the use of polluting chemicals in the tanning process along with land and water overuse from rearing livestock, producing leather has a big environmental impact. Besides generally a lower price point, there are many benefits to switching to vegan leather. Made often from polyurethane which can be produced from natural materials and recycled plastic, vegan leather will not stretch and is less liking to crack if taken care of compared to real leather.                                                                            

How to shop for sustainable fashion

Making changes to the way we shop can feel overwhelming, however starting small is a great way to begin. When shopping for your next fashion accessory, make sure to look at the fabric content label so you are more aware of what products are made from and if they are a good sustainable alternative.