Bullards Gin and Tonic Cured Salmon

The perfect recipe for hosting, that can be enjoyed as a starter, as canapés or even the main event, this fresh cured salmon is complemented by the flavours of a Norfolk icon, a Bullard’s London Dry gin and tonic.


250 g salt
125g sugar
5g black pepper
Zest of one orange, one lime, one lemon

For the second cure

Large glug of Bullards Dry Gin
12 cracked juniper berries

For the Dressing

2 litres orange juice
50 ml White wine vinegar 
100 ml Virgin olive oil
100 ml Tonic water
50 g Dijon mustard

To Serve

Gingerbread cubes 


Put all the ingredients from the first curer in a dish large enough to hold the salmon flat, refrigerate for at least 12 hours. 
Rinse and pat dry discard the marinade. 
Place the salmon back into the dish and add the gin and juniper berries, rubbing into the fish. Refrigerate for a further 48 hours. 
Heat the orange juice over a low heat until it becomes a heavy syrup.  Add white wine vinegar, mustard and sugar and then split this with the tonic water. 

To Serve

Slice the oranges and fennel and plate with the watercress, serve with the salmon. Add the gingerbread cubes. Sprinkle with the gingerbread crumbs.