The Second World War wreaked havoc on the business when the Yarmouth branch was bombed in 1941, destroying the print works, although the retail shop could be repaired. When its premises suffered extensive bomb damage, Curls department store (later Debenhams) was housed on a floor of Jarrolds.

This fire watch log book shows entries dated December 1940. "Will the powers that be please have the chimney swept as it smokes like a curry house," one Norwich store employee urges.

Jarrold published Norwich Under Fire by George Swain. The booklet contains fascinating photographs of the Second World War blitz on Norwich.

John Jarrold bought a Harris four-colour offset machine from America, the largest fourcolour machine in Europe.


• Elizabeth II succeeds her father, George VI • Scientists James Watson and Francis Crick discover DNA • Anglia Television opens

Norwich was chosen to present one of four special provincial festivals for the Festival of Britain. Jarrold printed this programme publicising The Norwich Festival in June 1951, which featured theatrical and musical performances, lectures and dances.

The London Street store was flamboyantly decorated for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

In 1958 Richard, John Jarrold's second son joined the retail side of the company. His elder brother Peter was with the printing division and younger brother Antony later joined the publishing division. Over the next few years the three brothers became managing directors of the divisions.