John Jarrold set up the John Jarrold Trust in 1965. Since its establishment it has distributed over £3million, mostly to charitable causes in Norwich and Norfolk.

The fashion floor opened in 1965, including the glamorous Eye-Catcher boutique, followed by a record department the next year.

The retail business was greatly expanded in 1964 when Jarrold purchased the adjacent Corn Hall on the Exchange Street and Bedford Street frontage. The new building opened in 1965 with enlarged book and household departments and, for the first time, ladies clothing.

Fashion controller, Mrs Whitehouse, said of the new fashion floor in The Jarrold Magazine: "After years of being associated with fine printing, publishing, stationery, books, etc, it really is a big surprise for all to learn that we are launching into the world of fashion. 'This Fashion Lark', as one of the staff calls it, will bring you a touch of the glamour that emanates from Paris and London."

An advert which ran in the Eastern Evening News for Berlei GaySlant, the 1960s answer to Magic Knickers!

These pictures show a selection of the products available at the bustling store.


• Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first female Prime Minister • Compuserve becomes the first public computer information service • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts opens at the University of East Anglia

John Jarrold, surrounded by his family, when he was appointed Lord Mayor of Norwich in 1970.

The company celebrated 200 years of trading in 1970 with a series of events including a period banquet in the Green Dragon in Wymondham followed by a ride on a stagecoach to the store in Norwich, complete with an attack by a highwayman!

Staff celebrate H.M. The Queen's Silver Jubilee by taking part in a procession on a float around the city.

After a major fire at nearby Garland's department store in 1972, Jarrold realised that its old buildings on Little London Street were a high fire risk and the different levels in the offices made them unsuitable for their requirements. Further rebuilding and refitting was undertaken, including the opening of the Steiner hair salon.

When John Jarrold died in 1979, Peter Jarrold succeeded him as chairman.