Meet the Maker

I’m Carol, the Founder of One Of A Kind Club, an independent brand of handcrafted and curated feel-good jewellery. I aim to boost confidence and bring colour to people's lives with my contemporary and fun statement pieces, celebrating the individuality of my wonderful and unique customers.

I have been in very competitive environments all through my career. One common theme I've come across is that some of the greatest women don't have the confidence they deserve. I want to foster a feeling of creativity and expression to move women towards a more positive view of themselves.

I love creating vivid shapes and bold colours to give the amazing people I know a way to express their personality and style. To help them to be themselves but with extra confidence. Like putting on your brightest lipstick - with jewellery instead.

About One of a Kind Club

One of a Kind Club is a contemporary jewellery brand aimed to inspire confidence and celebrate uniqueness through fun statement pieces. 

It’s being fan of the scene and supporting other creatives that led me to launching a collaboration range with a number of local artists. The aim is to bring little pieces of art to my customers from the creators that I love. I think collaboration is so important, to be part of the wider creative community, sharing space and helping to inspire and innovate each other.

Is jewellery life changing? No. But a pop of colour in your day can be powerful. Wearing something that represents you, makes you laugh or feel good can change how you start your day. And that feeling can be infectious when you interact with others.

What's the 'club' about?

I could have launched the brand without a ‘club’ but this element is about being part of a group of women who believe in themselves. Also, I love meeting people, and have always been a natural mentor and coach. So I decided to combine this passion to speak with other business women about their experiences and reach those wonderful people who need to hear those stories.

Being part of the Norfolk creative community
A large part of One of a Kind Club is being part of the collaborative and creative small business community - we are cheerleaders of each other, because we recognise we are all different enough to not be competitive, and we are stronger together.

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