More about Weird Fish

Well priced, well made, and distinctive feel-good clothes. These are the core values of Weird Fish that were established in 1993 and are still seen today in Weird Fish clothing.

Established in Cornwall, and now based in Gloucestershire Weird Fish have kept their Cornish spirit and believe in ‘Wear the Weekend’. Each day should be filled with the freedom and fun which you feel at the weekend. This ideology is seen in each stitch of clothing, whether it’s a Weird Fish dress or Weird fish Jumper which it’s sure to make its way into become one of your trusty favourites, and instantly give you that much needed feeling of comfort.

A strong focus on sustainability and ethics is key to the Weird Fish brand, with a goal of their products to become 90% sustainably sourced by 2026. This can be seen with their constant innovation toward materials used, creating their own signature EcoMac ™ fabric. If you’re looking for a greener option Weird Fish coats and Weird Fish bags could be the perfect more mindful option for you.

With their 4 step ‘Long live the fish’ campaign, the future looks even brighter and greener with moves to platinum rated ethical manufacturers and phasing out plastics. So treat yourself and the planet with clothing from Weird Fish womens range.